This means that when problems arise with your personnel, you will also be confronted with the consequences of these measures and their correct implementation. Noncompliance with these rules may lead to high fines. Both for you, your company and the employee involved it is nearly impossible to adequately react to the multitude of guidelines and measures.

HR testing

If, in case of reintegration of a sick employee, after one year it remains unclear whether or not resuming his job is feasible, it is important that you, as an employer, determine the possibilities of deploying different interventions that will lead to resumption of (one’s original or different) work.

There are four options:

  • resumption of one’s original job is possible within two years
  • job can be adapted to ensure resumption
  • within the company other work can be offered
  • there are no possibilities with this employer and there is a need to find work elsewhere

These could involve adaptations of the job, appropriate positions within your company or the search for work with another employer, if the first two options are not available. By means of a conversation with the employer and the employee, an assessment of the current workplace and an analyses of the other workplaces the employer has to offer, the occupational assessor will evaluate the reintegration route in a clear report and will give advice on how to continue the reintegration process. Should the advice be to try and find work elsewhere, Terzet has the ability to assist you. Both with the interpretation of the process as well as practical information on the possibilities you as an employee have in such a situation. This assessment will provide the employee with insight on the expectations as far as resumption of (one’s original or different) work is concerned.

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