Terzet operates in the vast field of issues related to capacity and incapacity to work. The service  mainly targets a number of specific subfields of assessment, such as lost workdays management, ergonomics, rehabilitation, causality research and prevention.

Our work is based upon three mainstays:

Capacity-to-work issues require a high degree of expertise. After all, it involves the performance of people with a temporary or permanent restriction in their job. Customized services are a requirement to provide suitable solutions.

Terzet works in accordance with fixed work processes, assuring the quality of the services rendered. Terzet exclusively works with highly qualified and experienced certified occupational assessors, rehabilitation experts, ergonomists and mediators. This way, Terzet safeguards the quality of the service.

Expertise and quality go hand in hand with independence. An expert en high quality advice will miss the mark if the service organisation is subordinate to a third party.
Therefore Terzet distinguishes itself as an independent agency.

Terzet’s mission:
To render expert, high quality and independent services to ensure continuation, rectification, or optimisation of the balance within the triangle of Man-Work-Income.

Our clients include insurance companies, law courts, lawyers, personal injury specialists, the ombudsman, municipalities and companies.

More information

There are various ways to get more information about our working method:

  • our e-mail address:, where you can ask questions or ask for our detailed brochure
  • call our office: +31 (0)33-4320230