Rehabilitation work scan

In case of physical and/or mental impediments to execute ones original activities, the advice of an occupational assessor is essential. The experts at Terzet shape a plan by means of a method developed by us, called TERug aanZET (back to work). This plan will be established through conversations with all parties concerned and other parties involved, such as the employer. A definite plan for rehabilitation will be presented to all parties, in order to come to the final decisions.

The following aspects will be assessed:

  • careers test and advice
  • tailored workplaces
  • (temporary) adaptations of posts
  • looking for vacancies
  • motivating and encouraging
  • initiating training¬†
  • consultation with external bodies and employers

Who rehabilitates?

Coordination of the activities focused on returning to work is the occupational assessor's field; with the guidance of personal injury victims as well as with the rehabilitation of (par-tially) disabled employees who cannot return to their job in the own company. In specific situations, the rehabilitation expert is assured of the support from among others our occupa-tional assessors or ergonomists.

More information

There are various ways to get more information about our working method:

  • our e-mail address:, where you can ask questions or ask for our detailed brochure
  • call our office: +31 (0)33-4320230