Work strain and working posture as well as work settings can lead to restrictions of (working) possibilities and/or joy. Long lasting overstrain can even lead to irreversible damage and incapacity to work. A workplace which is not properly equipped and/or organised, could have negative effects in the long run. By timely deploying an ergonomist, all parties concerned (employers as well as employees) can be made aware of this.

Terzet’s ergonomists are often employed in case of:

  • workplace analyses
  • formulation of principles for adjustment(s) in posture
  • workplace adaptation
  • posture and strain research
  • new product design
  • ergonomic advice for renovation and new development
  • on-the-job advice
  • advisory meetings
  • workshops ergonomics

All this will be executed by experienced an highly qualified Terzet ergonomists

More information

There are various ways to get more information about our working method:

  • our e-mail address:, where you can ask questions or ask for our detailed brochure
  • call our office: +31 (0)33-4320230